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Make your retirement happy and fulfilling

When you retire, your daily life and environment change completely.

Time and place take on a different meaning than ever before. First, your days are no longer automatically divided into fixed hours at work and home; time stretches in an open continuum. Next, you don’t have to go anywhere or even be anywhere; you could just as well stay home all week or fly away on holiday.

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In fact, in the new retirement phase, nothing is fixed and indeed nothing really has to be done. This dramatic change could represent exactly the ease and freedom you’ve longed for all your life. It could also leave you feeling bored, confused, and useless.

The distress experienced by some retirees is exemplified in the question “How can I kill time?” Yet, time is really the most valuable asset any person has. Life itself is the time we have between birth and death. The time after retirement is, therefore, a part of the gift of life. The challenge lies in finding useful and fulfilling ways to use the free time that has now become available to you, and in creating a new definition of who you are, based on activities and pursuits which expand, rather than restrict you.