Getting ready for retirement

Retirement - How to Prepare for it

When deciding what to do, you should choose what you would like to do, what would give you the greatest fulfillment and what seems most meaningful to you at this time of your life. There is no reason why your choice should be restricted to only one activity or category of activities.

In fact, even the choices made at one time should not be treated as binding for all time. You should feel free to make new decisions on activities as circumstances change or new opportunities arise.

Remember, you are free to decide what to do because you have the time to do whatever it is you choose. It should be understood that any of the activities in the four categories result in self-enrichment in any case. They do this while contributing to social well-being in general as well as to personal well-being specifically.

How to retire well

The specific activities mentioned in each category should be treated as examples only. There is no reason to limit your thinking to the specific activities mentioned as examples in any category.

Many other activities that are not mentioned are waiting for someone just like you to come along and make a difference.